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Million Dollar Nickels by Ray Knight
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Numismatic Literary Guild Winner of Numismatic Literary Guild Award for Extraordinary Merit, 2006

Million Dollar Nickels NLG award

Million Dollar Nickels
Mysteries of the 1913 Liberty Head Nickels Revealed
by Paul Montgomery, Mark Borckardt, and Ray Knight

Five nickels.  Face value: two bits each...25 cents.  Market value: Over $12 million!

What makes them so incredibly valuable? 

The most famous coins in American history -  the 1913 Liberty Head nickels - tease and tantalize the imagination with a mysterious tale of their origins and a writhing trail of quirky plot twists that read like a thriller novel...except that it's all very real!  Theft  from the U.S. Mint...secret meetings behind closed doors...sudden death along a lonely highway on a rainy night...a midnight tryst with armed men....

Freelance writer and researcher Ray Knight (KnightWriter) collaborated with coin experts Paul Montgomery and Mark Borckardt to dig into the clandestine past of these fascinating American treasures to uncover the truth behind the myths and legends that cling to the 1913 Liberty Head nickels and the reasons why they have become the most sought-after coins by collectors willing to pay millions of dollars to own just one of them.

Even if you're not a coin collector or numismatist, this page-turner yarn holds appeal for any reader who loves a rip-snortin' true-life detective story.

Read what the American Numismatic Association has to say about Million Dollar Nickels...Click here for ANA's review.
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